For our music video, our inspiration come from the film 'Factory girl'.

The film is shot in a mixture of handheld and steady cameras. This gives the film a bit of a 'memory' affect as if the handheld shots are a flashback or from the point of veiw of someone where as the steady camera shots represent the narrative.

In our video we are going to use the codes and conventions used in 'Factory Girl' such as both the steady hand camera and the handheld.

For the handheld camera we want the effect of the grainy texture of the film to represent someones memory aswell as the narrative running through this. We also want shots where not the whole person is in the shot.

Eg. if the shot was of someones face, the top of thier head could not be in the shot. I think this gives it a more personal effect as if you are looking through someone elses eyes where you don't see everything.

'Factory Girl' has its own independent filming techniques. It uses both handheld techniques for the grainy 'old' effects as if it's a memory (in our video the memory/thought could be the boys who are in love with the girl) and the steady hand camera for the narrative or the present.

Factory Girl Trailor

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