Album Art Work - Codes And Conventions

So this is the album art work for 'Oasis -Morning Glory'.
The faces of the artists are not used on the front of the cover as it is not the first album they have done.
However, images of my artists should be shown on the front of the album as the band are not recognised. This is due to the fact that this would be their first release.
As you can see, this picture is of the buildings, which you can tell are not of posh buildings and looks like a normal highstreet, which represent the bands working class background.
The band have been around long enough to have a classic logo, which is the 'Oasis' black and white logo which a customer would immediatley recognise. The name of the album is in plain white font which is very basic which puts more enphasis onto the image. This gives it a very simple but effective feel and fits in well with what the band represent which is thier music is music and their not fame fanatics ect.

This album cover is of 'The kooks- Inside
in Inside out'.
This cover is again very basic with enphasis on the image, it's a mid shot which fits in all the band members and gives the album a very laid back and relaxed feel which gives the impression that their music is very much for themselves and about having fun and enjoying it.
The image looks as though they are practicing their music in a room and significantly not in a recording studio.
The image is in black and white aswell giving more enphasis on the font letting the customer immediatley be drawn to who the artist is.
The font i also very clever again based at the top with the red text being the name of the album and the black being the bands name.
I like the way the font is on this album and this could help influence my ideas of how i am going to have mine.

Moving onto another form of album art which is animation. This image is very bright and colourful giving the feel that the album is going to be very upbeat.
The image is obviouldy inspired by Andy Warhols Maralyn Monroe collage. This also gives the band and album a very artistic vibe.
The writing for the band is down the spine of the album in the a compatable colour scheme.
I don't think i will be suing animation for my album art but to really understand the codes and conventions of my genre i thought i would look at several different formats.

I thought i would look at a single artist instead of a band now. The close up shot is the most common used when selling a solo artist.
The font used is small and basic 'Morrissey- Gratest Hits' the small and basic font is used because Morrissey is an iconic face in the music world and his fans know who he is and not alot of writing is needed.
Also this being a greatest hits album shows the artist has been around a while.
He, like most artist/bands in the indie genre only appeal to a minority.
I thought i would look at a solo artist even though i am looking at a band just to help me understand more the way that album art is used and all the differnet underlying meanings that are conveyed throughout.

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