Creation Of My Music Act

Fudge- We chose this name as it's ment to represent the grades that they came out with in school. We played on the sterotype that all people from Plymoth are stupid and F.U.D.G.E are the grades they came out with for thier A-level results.

Background Of Band:
From Plymoth. The 3 boys and 1 girl all went to school with eachother and become good friends when they're love for music brought them together. They started a band and have played small gigs around thier area but nothing major has come from it.
They recently got recognised by an indepentent record label and are currently working on thier first single. They also got a good internet following by putting thier music onto social networking site 'Myspace'.

Music is a way of expressing yourself. They have participated in some charity work in thier spare time. And are dedicated to thier music.

Fudge are an 'Indie' band.
Thier image is very stereotypical:
  • Skinny jeans
  • shirts/logo tops

Record Label:
Domino Records co.

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