Album cover stuff..

So i decided whilst doing some research into album covers to maybe look at a band and all of their album covers to see how they maintain a solid image.
I decided to look
at Oasis as they are a band that have been around for many years and have released several albums.
I Started out by looking at the front of them. The four album covers that i looked at do not have any images of the band members on them.
They are all very 'odd' im
ages looking a bit 'random' if you look at them like they are just photographs that have been taken.
As my band are a new band and this is their first
album i am going to have the images of them on there.
As you can see aswell, the name of the band 'Oasis' is the same font and style/ima
ge on all four of these albums giving the band a 'logo' image.

Looking at the back of the covers they are very different to the front.
Obviously, you have the barcode, and all the copyright ect.
The images on the back reflect the image on the front of the covers. They aren't just black on the back with writing.
The top left hand cover's image is very arty and that is represented throught the writing of the song titles through it's hand written style.
Whereas the rest of the covers song titles look typed.
I would like to use the style of the top left hand cover as i think that style fits in with the image and representation I am trying to create for my band.

The Video Shoot

So our first video shoot did not go as planned. To film we did used on of the schools hand held cameras also using a tripod. We filmed all of the footage of the band using various shots giving us about 20 minutes worth of footage. However, once uploaded on to the Apple Macs, the footage was slightly blurry and the lighting was a lot darker on the computer as to on the camera making out band members look like blacked-out silhouettes.
Therefore, we now have to re-shoot using a different location (as no more light was available at the original). That will be
done sometime this week.
We took some photos of the location ^^^