Creation Of My Music Act

Fudge- We chose this name as it's ment to represent the grades that they came out with in school. We played on the sterotype that all people from Plymoth are stupid and F.U.D.G.E are the grades they came out with for thier A-level results.

Background Of Band:
From Plymoth. The 3 boys and 1 girl all went to school with eachother and become good friends when they're love for music brought them together. They started a band and have played small gigs around thier area but nothing major has come from it.
They recently got recognised by an indepentent record label and are currently working on thier first single. They also got a good internet following by putting thier music onto social networking site 'Myspace'.

Music is a way of expressing yourself. They have participated in some charity work in thier spare time. And are dedicated to thier music.

Fudge are an 'Indie' band.
Thier image is very stereotypical:
  • Skinny jeans
  • shirts/logo tops

Record Label:
Domino Records co.

Record Label

Independent Record Label
I am going to research into Domino Records. I have chosen this record label as i am using a Mystery Jets song for my music video and Domino records caters for this genre of music.

Founded in 1993, Domino Records is an independent record label based in London. There is also a wing of the label based in United states.

Success was not immediate, as labels such as Domino, who were releasing more established American rock and unusual British music, were marginalised during the Brit pop era, but a steady stream of new signings gave the label increasing credibility. Recent high profile releases from Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, and The Kills have only acted as a catalyst to this, and Domino is now one of the longest running and most successful independent record labels in the UK.

2003 saw the label's 10th anniversary - there were a number of new releases, as well as a compilation album and a series of gigs in London under the Worlds of Possibility banner, to celebrate the label's first decade in October of that year.
Domino celebrated their first UK #1 album in October 2005 with Franz Ferdinand's You Could Have It So Much Better, and their first UK #1 single with Arctic Monkeys' "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" later that same month.
As well as new music, Domino have released lavishly produced compilations by British post-punk bands such as Orange Juice, Josef K, Fire Engines and Young Marble Giants.
The Mainstream record label i wilfl be looking into will be Sony Records. Sony Records is on of the largest entertainment companies in the world. Sony was founded in 1929 as an American record corporation.

'Major' record labels are critised for not producing music for meaning and are multi million money grabbing corporations.
However, Independent record labels are the opposite. They are seen as producing music that is not mainstream and are seen to not care about the money as long as the music is being listened by true fans.
We have decided to use Domino Records as our record label because we want our bands music to have the same values and messages as Domino holds.

Case Study Of Music Act

I will be doing a small case study on how Lily Allen's Image has been created and sustained. I will also be looking at how she has been marketed and promoted across a range of media.

Lily Allen’s image is created by her record company and management. However, her image gives a sense of personality and femininity and that although it has been created for her; she also has some sort of control of how she is presented.

For example, a typical boy band would have to wear the same color and same type of denim and would be ‘cloned’, though Lilly as such an aspiring idol and artist, she has some control in her representation across the media.
Lily's image started out as a 'tomboy' look with her classic prom dress and trainers style. However, her image has transformed and is in a state of flux along with her albums and the forever changing face of the music industry.

Lily's started out her career by uploading songs onto her myspace page in November 2005. Her aim from doing this was to build up a fairly large internet following as a boost for the record labels to sign her.