So our ideas...

Our narrative:
So our band consits of 3 boys and 1 girl. The storyline is going to be that the 3 boys are in love with the girl. They want to find her but everywhere she goes they just miss her. For example, we are going to have the girl walking in the park having fun (this being on handheld camera) she will be dancing around ect. and as she leaves the boys will appear (this being on steady hand camera) and they will be looking for her but not finding her.
However, a twist in the story will be that she is secretly in love with them as well and as they boys think they cannot find her, they leave, but she goes back.

Situations like this will occur throughout the video and in the last shot they eventually find her and they will walk into the shot from each side and meet.

As we got our inspiration from 'Factory Girl' we have been looking at the film and how it gets its narrative across with still having its own independent filming techniques. It uses both handheld techniques for the grainy 'old' effects as if it's a memory (in our video the memory/thought could be the boys who are in love with the girl) and the steady hand camera for the narrative or the present.

Also, the video of Young Love - Mystery Jets , in it the video uses some animation where words appear on the screen with the moving image. We have decided that this is a really good idea and goes with the happy upbeat vibe of this song. We do realize that we are using some of the same techniques as the original video but we will be using this in our own way to fit in with the narrative and structure of our video.

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