Different Types Of Album Formats

There are a few different album formats. After doing some research this is what i have found:

NME magazine done an album of loads of different artists from the Indie/Rock genre to raise awareness of Racism. They called the album 'Love Music Hate Racism'.
This album was a cardboard album that didnt open up like a normal one but the cd slid out like a vinyl record.
This is a nice idea, however, this being my bands first release the booklet inside the album seems appropriate for the customer/fan to read about the band and understand and connect with them more.

I know you cannot tell through this image but this is a picture of a Vinyl record of 'Florence and the machine - Lungs'.
Being a Vinyl record it is of larger size and is played on a record player.
It gives the record a much more appreciated meaning and is more vintage style.
There isn't a booklet inside of a Vinyl record it just opens up and the pictures are like a page of a book already stuck on.
A vinyl record is the type of album cover i would like to use if it is allowed.

The typical album cover case is the most common one.
I want to be different with this and not use the most typical and expected type of case.
The next type of album type is a 'Digital Booklet'. I can't find an image for this. Basicaly, when you download an album of Itunes for example, you get a digital booklet downloaded aswell which is basically the online version of the album booklet which comes with the download.

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