Case Study Of Music Act

I will be doing a small case study on how Lily Allen's Image has been created and sustained. I will also be looking at how she has been marketed and promoted across a range of media.

Lily Allen’s image is created by her record company and management. However, her image gives a sense of personality and femininity and that although it has been created for her; she also has some sort of control of how she is presented.

For example, a typical boy band would have to wear the same color and same type of denim and would be ‘cloned’, though Lilly as such an aspiring idol and artist, she has some control in her representation across the media.
Lily's image started out as a 'tomboy' look with her classic prom dress and trainers style. However, her image has transformed and is in a state of flux along with her albums and the forever changing face of the music industry.

Lily's started out her career by uploading songs onto her myspace page in November 2005. Her aim from doing this was to build up a fairly large internet following as a boost for the record labels to sign her.

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