So we had two crit lessons. One was with Leanne and the other with Nina.
Our crit with Leanne:
So we screened our music video of what we had so far. We have nearly finished editing however we have about five two second gaps we need to fill.
Leanne said she liked the idea however she thought the band scenes should have been filmed in a different location.
She also thought that the conept of the video did not fit with the song.

Our crit with Nina:
We had our crit with Nina and we showed her the same footage as Leanne.
Nina thought it was really good and she felt it looked like a music video promoting a film.
She thought the concept was very fresh and she loved the simplicity and basic look of our video and felt it worked well.

We was contemplating as to whether to put in split screens ect. however Nina said she thought it would make it look too 'profesional' and ruin the videos' creative and simple look.

We have taken all of our critisim and discussed what we thought is best to do with our video.
We have decided that the original idea and look we have developed was to make it very basic with an 'amatuer' feel.
Our idea has also been explained throughout all of our blogs and every idea has been explained as to why we are doing it.

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