n what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

For our music video, we chose the genre 'Indie'. The average forms and conventions within a music video for this genre consist of a band, and a basic storyline to fit the lyrics.
The band is a key element of the conventions within this genre, as most if not all Indie bands are more than two people. Our band follows this as FUDGE consists of four band members.
Our band, also follows the conventions of the Indie stereotype; Skinny jeans, long hair etc.
Our video does not tend to challenge the forms conventions of the Indie genre. Our video has no special effects on it as our video is very basic and that was the idea and look we wanted to go for from the start.
It has a simple storyline and flows well. It may be simple but it is very enjoyable and eye catching. Our main aim for the project!

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
For my album cover i decided that i wanted to use a lot of colour especially block colour. I chose to use the outline of the band members and fill them with block colours. This created a very bright and fun feel for to band through the album cover itself.
I developed this idea from the Blur cover.
I think this fits in well with the way the band are presented through my music video. I think the band are presented as fun loving people.
The video has a very bright feel about it, especially the storyline scenes! The hand held shots create a realistic effect for the viewer.
I feel my poster, album cover and music video tie in niceley and the ancillary texts do not look out of place in contrast to my music video.

What have you learned from your audience feedback?
I have learned alot from my audience feedback. It seems very 'wierd' when your whole ideas and effort has been put into the making of the video, all the group discussions and changes, but when someone else looks at your video and enjoys it, thats a very nice feeling of achievement!
We did have some critisims from various people too however, this was all taken into consideration and discussed and selected parts of the video were neatened up and tweeked.
I learned that audience feedback is key and as you may like your own ideas, if there is no audience that enjoys your video there is no band!
We were very pleased that the majority of the audience in our crit lessons had positive feedback!
Different peoples opinions and tastes are so important.
Whilst editing, we always had people coming over and watching and giving us feedback so it was always constant however, our crit lessons were the lessons where it was given to us more formally and from the teachers aswell as the students.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
For the early staged of my research and planning, i was using the internet as my prime source for information. Looking into record labels, using youtube as a source to watch music videos, research into Anton Corbjin!
For the editing process, we used imovie to edit together our rough cut and then transfered it into Final cut pro to have a go at using some split screens. We found it placed the video out of touch with the theme of simplicity that we was going for.
We used imovie to letterbox some of our shots and found the editing process really interesting and it taught me alot about the construction and creating a story through the editing process.
I also used Photoshop to put together my album cover which i found really enjoyable as i love the print aspect to the media course.
However, i did not use photoshop for my poster promotion. I used a music promotion poster template on my mac to create this. As i wanted it to be simple i did not feel it a necesity to use photoshop for this.
I found new media technologies the key to the whole creation of my coursework as without these i would have limited research and planning and would not have been able to use photoshop and templates.

I have enjoyed this coursework loads and am very pleased with the outcome of my video, album cover and poster!! I hope you liek them too!

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